If you are a Corporate

Are you keen to provide year-long employee wellness at a fraction of your insurance costs? Do you want to create exciting, engaging wellness programs?

By using Wellth solution, the enterprise gets a single platform to base all the wellness initiatives and also quantified information on health benefits and engagement levels. You would know what percentage of your employee-base improved their health status, which interventions are working and so on. The health station is available on-premise at organizations and accessible to employees all the time. The measurements are all non-invasive yet vital, which are all under the control of individual users, helping your employees improve their wellness quotient over time.

If you are a Hospital / Polyclinic

Would you like to streamline your patient check-in process? Are you interested in increasing your revenue potential by increasing awareness amongst your non-patient visitors?

Wellth Station can be readily plugged into your system. It takes only a small part of your reception area but can yield multiple times in productivity besides building better patient connect.